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Our Institute is utilizing all these resources in the extensive research of the German customs and the lives of Torah scholars in the various German communities, as a part of its work for compiling of comprehensive encyclopedias and publishing of the multivolume series of "Roots of the German Tradition." In addition to the intensive research work of our Institute, which has succeeded in publishing several significant scholarly works, it is continuously active in the founding of community centers and synagogues where German lifestyle and adherence to their distinctive traditions will continue to be practiced throughout Israel and the rest of the world.

  1. Reprinting the traditional works of Ashkenazi customs.

  2. "Shorashei Minhagei Ashkenaz", a study of Ashkenazi customs. This project includes collecting, sorting, and setting down all Ashkenazi customs. The development of the German minhag is traced, as is the emergence of divergent minhagim in other areas of jewish world. The information is arranged in order, with authoritative commentary provided, establishing the halachic basis of each custom. Presently, the fifth volume of this series is being prepared for print.

  3. Guides to the customs of individual Ashkenazi communities are being published, with source notations and commentary. Also planned is a companion Minhag Handbook for everyday use.

  4. The Machon intends to publish 'The Yiddish Minhag Guide'. Written four hundred years ago in Jewish-Deutsch by German Jews who had emigrated to northern Italy, this work was the faithful companion of several generations of Ashkenazi Jews. A modern edition will include a full translation, source notations, commentary, and facsimiles of the woodcut illustrations from the original printings.

  5. The Ashkenaz Pesach Companion will collect, from hundreds of different sources, all the Ashkenazi customs of Pesach and include The German Jew's Haggadah.



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