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The collection of recorded Tefilah Nusach will be augmented, as well as the study of folk tunes, primarily Zemirot. In addition the study and research of sheet music available in print and manuscripts will be continued. Professional CD Roms produced in a studio will be produced for marketing.

Ashkenaz maintained a specific way of life with its own individual flavor that gave beauty and meaning to the cycle of the year as well as the life cycle. The liturgy -the specific music associated with every part of the Jewish life cycle - was a very important component of the totality of German Jewish life.

Seder HazanoetChazzanutK'hal Adas Yeshurun


Der Frankfurter Kantor
7 mb pdf
Die gottesdienstlichen Gesange der Israeliten - Selig Scheuerman
37.9 mb pdf 




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